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Research Collaboration – Matching Fund

Empathy and Action: Empowerment of Special Education in 21st century


The Southeast Asia Association for Special Education (SAASEd) was established in 2018 with a vision to improve the quality of life and provide assistance for every individual with specific needs in South East Asia. For the mission, this organization aims to promote the awareness and understanding of issues and progression of education and prosperity of individuals with special needs in the entire South East Asia region; stimulating professional exchanges in the special education field that involve students’ family members and individuals in special education fields; encouraging and promoting scientific studies in special needs education and publishing the results on the formal publication platform in South East Asia; promoting the sustainable special education in South East Asia, and establishing collaboration with other organization concerning special education in Southeast Asia, primarily for the interest of people with special needs. To realize the vision and mission of SAASed, research collaboration is required. Besides, the research collaboration also reinforces the progression of special education, especially the teachers in Southeast Asia.


The purposes of research collaboration are:

  • Expanding the research collaboration network between Institutions of Education, primarily in the field of special education;
  • Empowering the scientific insight of lecturers and researchers;
  • Establishing more extensive research collaboration with foreign education institutions in harmony, contributing to the people of Indonesia;
  • Enhancing the number of Scopus-indexed publications;
  • Providing solutions for special education teachers’ competencies development in Southeast Asia

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